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Specialist in ecocontributions and EPR schemes

The Nova Pack Conseil Story

Nova Pack Conseil was founded in 2023 by Maxime Lemblé as a French consulting firm specialized in the eco-participation and eco-design of packaging.

Nova Pack Conseil aims to meet the needs of producers, distributors, importers and marketplaces of waste-generating products in their obligations related to the EPR scheme.

Our expertise assists you with economical and sustainable solutions in a more responsible approach.

"Following my studies, I became head of the household packaging declaration for one of Europe's leading distributors. I was responsible for structuring the processes and the declaration databases.

I then drew up packaging eco-design recommendations for all the product ranges imported into France.

I then moved on rapidly to become team leader, where I set up the eco-taxes and duties department. I learnt to anticipate and meet the regulatory obligations of the various EPR channels (Household packaging, Batteries and accumulators, WEEE*, Graphic paper, Textiles, Furniture, Chemicals, Sports and leisure products, Games and toys, Handicraft products, Motorized thermal appliances and Construction products and materials).

Confronted with the endemic problems of EPR sectors, I realize the following:

From a declarative and regulatory point of view, each year the rules evolve and become more complex. This makes the procedures more and more expensive and time-consuming.

 Few producers have the capacity to implement a CSR strategy that enables the development of eco-designed packaging.

That's why I now wish to use my expertise to help you in your ecological transition while containing the costs of your eco-declarations."

WEEE : Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment