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Eco-design your packaging





Sustainable packaging green
Sustainable packaging green

Consumers are increasingly committed to the environment. An eco-designed package will be an additional argument to motivate the purchase of your product.

It will also provide you with content for your communication and improve your brand image.

Eco-designing your packaging also means saving money.

Nova Pack Conseil will provide you with the right levers to reduce your household packaging contribution and finance your eco-design projects.

Eco-design has become a major challenge to face the challenges of the 21st century. The pollution of our environment, the sanitary nuisances and the increase of illegal dumps are problems that concern us all. All these examples are proof of poor management of our production and waste. Designing our packaging differently is therefore essential in order to preserve tomorrow.

Nova Pack Conseil support you in your steps of eco-designed packaging.

Cardboard packaging
Cardboard packaging

Eco-design means taking into account all aspects of packaging

All these parameters must be considered to reduce its environmental impact. The eco-design of a packaging means minimizing its carbon footprint over its entire life cycle without transferring its impact.



Level of recyclability


Why eco-design your packaging ?